Chow Down Grill: New Pan Asian Cuisine Menu

Chow Down Grill in South Beach

Chow Down Grill in South Beach

Miami Beach, FL —  Originally known as a Chinese style, Asian-American bistro that serves up innovative and delicious dishes, dumplings, and more— this notable South Florida eatery is taking its concept to the next level by expanding its offerings,  and focusing more boldly on its true strengths: high-end Pan Asian cuisine.

After two years of working the menu and refining the concept, owner and chef Joshua Marcus, along with his business partner, John Donovan (of Purdy Lounge, The Bar, and Blackbird Ordinary fame) have decided that the time is now to implement updates and keep those accolades coming.

The restaurant, still located at 9th and Alton, will offer guests the same excellent service, late-night delivery options, and  extremely familiar happy hour deals, but now – there will even more  to love.

Listening to recommendations from trusted guests, friends, and sources, new Pan Asian entrees will be presented in more of a “fine-dining” style, and less traditional Chinese. This means that portions will appear larger, and therefore will be seen as a better value.  New items will include Braised beef moo shu, sautéed Asian vegetables, mushrooms, and pancakes ($14.95); Clay pot braised salmon, shrimp, and mussels in Thai green curry sauce with black rice (17.95); and The Chow burger! House-made bao burger bun, shaved smoked pork, mustard, and chow fries with dashi ketchup (10.95) to name a few.  Dishes will range from $10.95 to $24.95. Substitutions can be made upon request.

Those in the know know that the original menu is still in play. Traditional treats such as dumplings, dim sum, egg rolls, soup, and noodles including chow fun and lo mein live on, but now, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese influences figure more prominently in Chow Down’s overall formula.

After 9PM on Mondays and 10PM every other day of the week, the CDG Lounge still caters to the late-night crowd with amazing parties, drink specials, and even board games. Happy hour remains strong, enabling guests try many house favorites and imbibe for a fraction of the price every night 4-7PM.  And this is just the beginning – there are more “surprises” to come. Stay tuned.

Chow Down Grill & Lounge is located at 933 Alton Road on Miami Beach, FL, 33139, (305) 674-1674.